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An English (Hons.) graduate, that is academically Dipanjana. Her quest to know music more made her to quit her English M.A. classes and she joined Rabindra Bharati University with music as her post-graduation subject. There she became a proud recipient of Gold Medal, standing first in M.A. (Master of Arts) in Indian Classical Vocal Music.

Destiny was fortunate enough; the upcoming talent received a touch of the colour of Benaras Gharana, when became the disciple of Padmabhusan Dr. Girija Devi, the classical vocalist of international repute. That was the real turning point. The spiritualism, romanticism and the essence of colourful fragrance in music, its splendid appeal and overwhelming feel thus served as her inspiration along with the loving and caring taleem of her Guruma (Dr. Girija Devi). The bud was at last led to blossom.

Dipanjana is still embling her priceless heritage under the traditional Guru Sishya Parampara. She is fortunate enough to provide vocal support to her Guruma at many concerts all over India. Since last few years she is seen to give solo performances.

The young artist is carrying on with prosperous legacy of Benaras Gharana style very aesthetically and remarkably. Her exclusive talent in music and mellifluous voice of wide range facilitates her ability to unveil the image of Ragas in all their aesthetic glory. The aesthesm is much more felt during her Thumri and other semi-classical renditions. The Bhabas or expressions serve as an added flavour along with her sweet voice which gives beauty & majesty to the composition.
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